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Financial Information
Dr O'Rourke is committed to providing quality work and also providing a means for patients to work within their budgets, to achieve their goals. Clear financial arrangements play an important role in our ability to allow our patients to attain good dental health. The following financial options are offered.

Payment Options
Payment at the time of Service: We accept cash, checks, debit, or credit cards at the time of the appointment. If treatment will extend for several visits, you may pay a portion of the total fee at each visit, with payment-in-full on the last visit.


Extended Financing Option: As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer CareCredit, the nation's leading dental payment plan. CareCredit gives approved applicants an interest free line of credit for 6 or 12 months depending on the loan amount. It takes only minutes for approval. Please speak to our office manager for more details.

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Patients with Insurance Coverage
Dental insurance pays only a portion of the total treatment charge. The portion that the patient pays (Deductible and Co-Payment) can be handled according to the Payment Options outlined above. The portion that the insurance company pays can be assigned to our office, providing the insurance company will send benefits to us. Certain insurance companies will not send payments to us, but will send them to patients. In those situations, patients will pay for their services according to the options above, and will be reimbursed directly by their carriers, to the extent they allow.

Assignment of Benefits: Our office will accept assignment of benefits under the following conditions:

  • All current pertinent personal and insurance information is provided at the first visit.
  • The patient understands and signs the financial policy form.

If this information is not available at the first visit, the patient will be asked for payment in full for the day's charges.

After verification of insurance benefits, we will accept assignment of benefits as a partial payment of the total charge. You will be expected to pay your deductible, if applicable, and any estimated patient co-payment. If after 60 days, your insurance company has not paid their portion, the patient will be responsible for paying the balance in full.

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