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Laser Revision of Tongue and Lip Ties

Dr. O'Rourke wants to help support mothers who wish to nurse. When nursing issues arise with newborns, an often overlooked problem is the presence of a lip or tongue tie preventing a proper latch to the breast. Mothers- are you experiencing soreness and frustration when you attempt to nurse? Is your child making a clicking noise, or experiencing colic or acid reflux? A restriction of the lip or tongue may be contributing to these problems.

Infants can be seen by Dr. O'Rourke as soon as the problem becomes evident, as early as the day after birth. Use of the laser eliminates the need to place infants in the operating room or the need for drugs for treatment. The laser allows for no stitches or post-revision bleeding, and there is little discomfort. This condition can be easily corrected at any age to avoid problems with speech (lisps), dental development, or difficulties related to dental hygiene (cavities).

Referrals from a lactation consultant, pediatrician, ENT, or pediatric dentist are accepted. Emailed photos are appreciated prior to scheduling an appointment. Send to

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