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" I am often complimented on the beaming smile Dr. O'Rourke has created for me. Confident is the best word to describe the way I feel when auditioning for a part, performing on stage, or just meeting people for the first time. " J.N.

"Thanks to Dr. O'Rourke & Staff who have always been so kind and caring.  They have given me many years of excellent care of my dental health.  Whitening and restorative work gives me confidence in my smile." D.H.

"Eating and drinking has been worry free (not to worry if your teeth are still in place). I feel freer to smile. I've been told I look like a different person and the guys I work with said I have the whitest teeth they have ever seen. The office has been great, too. If I had a problem, the staff would take care of it." R.B.

"As a dentist, I appreciate the value of a healthy mouth and a nice smile.  When you know you have nice teeth, you tend to look for chances to smile and when you smile more often, those around you do also.  Everyone's attitude improves and life is just better.  Get a nice smile and try it!"  P.P.


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